JSON Utilities

Who did this? Why?

RickyRombo (Marcus P.). I made these neat utilities for you to either jump into making extensions with EDIF for Clickteam's products, including Multimedia Fusion 2 and Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer . I realized one of the most difficult problems people were having with EDIF was that they had to make a separate file for their JSON and type the whole thing out. I created many tools to simplify this process, and then decided that it might be better to just make a web application that everyone can use and have it do everything (not to mention I'm much more into web programming).

The tools right now are rather limited. Right now here's what's available:

JSON Generator

A useful tool for quickly and efficiently creating the JSON file, as well as a more GUI or click-friendly way of editing it.


  • C++ extensions - uses the Extension.cpp and Extension.h files
  • Flash extensions - uses only your extensions CRun<name>.as file
  • JSON from Scratch - NOT recommended, but if you truly want to create a JSON from just the editor, go for it.

In the future, I hope to support:

  • Java
  • Python
  • iOS
  • Android

Exporter Templater

This tool allows you to upload a JSON and have it spit out a template of how your extension would look in the exporter. It is the equivalent of the tool I think Andos made for rSDK but with EDIF. I only currently support Flash templating but when I get around to it there will be more. Looking back I did it in a very inefficient way, and adding new exporters will take a while.


  • Flash Templates

Will create:

  • Java Templates
  • Python Templates
  • iOS Templates
  • Android Templates
  • C++ Templates